About O’Hare Williams

Patti O’Hare Williams is an artist known for her jazzy, often whimsical still lifes and landscapes executed with vibrant colors and graphic lines. Her watercolors and acrylics are nostalgic, unexpected, and offer a new view of a classic scene. Her work is included in private collections, while her collaboration with fellow artists grace the walls of the Marblehead (MA) Veterans Middle School and the Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston, MA.

Ms. Williams’ career focused on graphic design while painting with friends, entering exhibits and taking painting trips. In the last five years she shifted into the fine arts full time. She is an artist member of the North Shore Arts Association of Gloucester, MA and Marblehead Arts Association, Marblehead, MA. You can view her work by appointment at her studio in Marblehead, MA; North Shore Arts Association (in season), Gloucester, MA; Muzio Designs in Essex, MA;. and The Hiccup, Swampscott, MA.

The work below represents the current phase of work.

Additional information can be obtained by texting 781-631-5960 or emailing oharewilliams@gmail.com.

Available Watercolors

What People Say…

“You are not afraid of color!!!!!”

“You have a thing going on with the sunflowers and cut vases.”

“The water looks like it is moving! Great painting”

Recent Commissions
Recent commission:
“Washington Street,”12″ x36”, acrylic


Commission Work, 24’x8′ mural


Commission “Madie’s Sailloft,” 24″x36″ acrylic


Quarantined with Cut Vases and Flowers 2020-2021

COVID paintings

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