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Explore creativity… an artist teaching art


Starting in March!!! Ms Williams aka Miss Patti will be teaching art again. She will run a six-week program at the Marblehead Council on Aging. If you are interested in learning more please email oharewilliams@gmail.com

So, Brave post…. very beginner 1st watercolor with a most amazing instructor Patricia O’Hare Williams… I am so inspired to go beyond …” 

Are you are looking for art classes in an artistic environment for yourself or your child? Miss Patti provides creative projects for achieving success and having some fun while learning. The concept of creating artwork is so simple yet where and how do you begin and more importantly, how do you finish a painting or project? Composition, color and techniques are explained and explored. Many times it is the process of making something that brings happiness to creating art. This is the approach Miss Patti presents.


Classes are available for all ages and level of art experience. Lessons include pencil drawing, abstract and realism, composition, painting and collage.


Class Work

What type of assignments do students work on? 

Painted LPs


image image

Paper Mâché animals!

 image image

A bowl of apples!


Totem poles!

   MPJulia    MPcourtney

Blue and White Willow-inspired paintings


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